In Japan, it seems there is a bakery laying around ever corner.  Convenient stores, department stores, supermarkets, residential neighborhoods, and in front of most train stations – these are but a few of the places where you can buy freshly baked goods.  What’s more, however, is the sheer variety of baked goods available in Japan.  With the vast selection of hard breads, soft breads, sweet breads, stuffed breads, fried breads, donuts, cakes, tarts, pies, and sandwiches, one is truly spoilt for choice.  The selection of French breads and pastries alone is even enough to leave some French people feeling overwhelmed!


Anpan is a Japanese sweet roll most commonly filled with red bean paste. Anpan can also be prepared with other fillings, including white beans, green beans, sesame, chestnut, chocolate and  vanilla custard.The fillings are  varied and each one has a unique and a different taste , custard filling being my absolute favorite.

One of the best places to try best Anpan in Tokyo is Ginza’s Kimuraya.People from all over the country flock to Kimuraya in Ginza, to get their hands on on the Sakadane anpan (the traditional bun with red bean paste filling).The anpan was truly delicious and the smell of the freshly baked breads just draws you inside to this bakery and makes you crave for not just one anpan but several of them in different flavors.

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Melon Pan is a sweet Japanese bread , made from an enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie dough. Their appearance resembles a melon, such as a rock melon.

Head out to Tokyo’s Asakusa area to investigate a number of shops serving them fresh and warm.

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Taiyaki is a fish shaped dessert which outside is similar to pancake and inside there are anko(red bean paste). This is one of the most common everyday dessert for Japanese. You can find number of Taiyaki stands in Tokyo.
Sometimes there are varieties in what they put inside Taiyaki, such as custard cream, chocolate cream, mochi, etc.The one that I had tried and loved was the green tea and whipped cream filling , in Nakamise Dori street, Asakusa.

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Green Tea and Cream filling Taiyaki.

Crepes are famous all over Tokyo , we happened to have them at Takashita-Dori.Not only are whipped cream and fruits used; cakes, cookies, as well as a whole variety of other ingredients are wrapped in a thin pancake, producing a delectable Harajuku crepe that is popular with both tourists and students looking to fill their stomachs while shopping.We had Crepes at Santa Monica .There are crepes loaded with toppings like cake and fruits lined up in the display cabinet. The popular item which is ordered by one in three people is the strawberry banana ice, which is a crepe with strawberries, banana and vanilla ice cream, as well as fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce. There is no doubt that eating one whole crepe from Santa Monica’s plentiful assortment will fill your stomach to the brim.

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Strawberry ,Chocolate and whipped cream Crepe!



Japan has a reputation for unconventional and adventurous flavors that few others would not think or even dare to attempt.One such flavor is Matcha.This flavor is available in every hook and corner of Japan and we happened to have it in Kyoto , outside Kinkaku-ji Temple.The Matcha flavour is delicious bitter yet sweet at the same time.Probably the most unconventional flavor I have ever tried.


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Kanazawa accounts for more than 98% of all gold leaf production in Japan. You can get many items and souvenirs related to gold leaf, such as cosmetics, plates and chopsticks. Furthermore, you can find a very unique thing. “Gold Leaf Ice Cream” looks extremely gorgeous as the whole gold leaf sheet is used in 1 normal size ice cream. It is overwhelming to see the gold leaf  put on the ice cream just in front of your eyes!

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The taste of the gold leaf is not that distinctive, the ice cream itself is creamy, slightly sweet and delicious. Surely you will feel like you are noble people or celebrity! It is worth trying at least once for your memory of your trip.

Although a desert a day was a must after all the walking , these were the most unique and some of my favorite deserts from the trip!