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The entrance of my favourite birthday month cafe!

Hearty breakfast at the famous February Cafe.Had the best coffee and cheese toast(frisky baked bread) at this quaint looking , cute cafe and is mostly occupied all the times(only  about 10 seats).Everyone staying in Asakusa district should visit this cafe, located two min away from Tawaramachi metro station.

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Tokyo skyline with transient grey sky!

After breakfast we were headed for the Tokyo Crusie from the Asakusa pier.The Sumida river cruise is the perfect way to rest your weary legs after all the walking and see Tokyo from a different perspective.Cruising under the bridges , acknowledging the architectural and structural marvel of the grandeur of these bridges and also looking at the varied silhouette of the Tokyo skyline , from traditional architecture to modern ,contemporary buildings.We were also accompanied by rain along the cruise and hence the vision and skyline did get a bit blur along the way but nevertheless the weather was perfect to enjoy a boat ride.


Known as the geek capital of the world.Exploring the streets of Akihabara , the anime and manga district.Also a hub for electronic devices. Its like walking into a candy shop for an anime fan.The streets are filled with anime toy shops and gaming clubs. A lot of shops also sell movies, video games, stationery, software all related to animation and gaming.I also did try my hand at Gachapon-capsule toy adventure , where you insert a coin and get a toy.

Day 5


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Started the journey to this fish market by having coffee at one of the oldest coffee shops/ cafe in Tokyo.The coffee was one of the most delicious coffee I have ever had.

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Tsukji fish market is a Sprawling wholesale fish market with an array of seafood & viewing areas for a popular tuna auction. Although we did not get to see the tuna auction , the fish market itself has a lot to offer to tourists.The live tuna auction starts at 5 A.M and people start queuing up from 3 A.M in the morning as it is only on first come first serve basis people are allowed, limiting to 120 people.


We happened to visit the fish market during mid hours of the day and the market was alive and thriving with tourists.The “outer market” (jōgai-shijō) is a mixture of wholesale and retail shops that sell Japanese kitchen tools, restaurant supplies, groceries, and seafood, and many restaurants, especially sushi restaurants. Most of the shops in the outer market close by the early afternoon, and in the inner market even earlier.Here you will find every possible sea animal on display and for sale.Dried,pickled and glazed fish and other sea animal are a speciality.


I also did try Tamagoyaki which  is a Japanese rolled omelette, and it is commonly served as part of Japanese style breakfast or put in a bento (Japanese lunch box) as a side dish.

The fish market is a great place to try out authentic Japanese snacks and fresh sea food.Just stroll around the inner and outer market and soak in the essence of the fish market which is vibrant and very different form the other markets I have visited.

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The best Chicken curry rice with delicious Plum Sochu!

For dinner we had the best curry rice ,delicious , mouth watering and so close to the Indian curry rice yet so authentic.We were so impressed and convinced that it is inspired by an Indian recipe that we happened to ask the chef but the recipe was his own amalgamation of spices.The restaurant was a small space run by a single person who did the cleaning, cooking and serving all single handedly but hands down this was my best meal in Japan.Everyone in and around Ueno should visit RAFFLES CURRY for best curry rice.A big shout out to his chef running this place.If that night wasn’t my last night in Tokyo I would have definitely gone there again!

Stay tuned for my last and most hectic day in Tokyo where I covered Tokyo at killing pace!