DAY 1: Land at the Narita International airport and transfer to the my hostel.

I flew into Narita International Airport about an hour outside of Tokyo. Taking a cab was not option as cabs are too expensive! Instead, hop on the Keisei Skyliner, a high-speed express train that will take 36 minutes to get you into the main stations(Nippori, Ueno, Ginza) Station in Tokyo. The reserved seats are spacious and  there is a restroom on-board.

There’s also free WiFi on-board, but you have to ask for the password at the reservation desk by showing your passport. Also note, you will get dropped off at Nippori or Ueno OR Ginza Station – meaning you will have to change to a local train to get to your final destination and thats what I did.Got off at Ginza and took a subway to Asakusa. On reaching the Asakusa station walked to my hostel with just a screenshot of google maps as I had no mobile data.Best part about Tokyo is that most of the famous streets and subway/Metro have free wifi which can help you naivgate your way around.

HOSTEL - Khaosan Origami , Asakusa
Entrance to the  best hostel ever.

Probably the best hostel experience ever. Stayed here for 5 days and loved every single day. The standard and the cleanliness maintained by the hostel is on par with any hotel in  Japan.The hostel has a very positive , peaceful vibe.The hosts at the reception are very warm and friendly.They will indeed go out of their way to help you and ensure you are comfortable.

For one night I had stayed at the common dorm room which almost had a capsule effect.The notion attached with commom dorm rooms is that they are noisy with people barging in and out at odd hours but this is just the opposite.The dorm is very peaceful with very little or absolutely no disturbance from your neighbours.The bed itself is like a  spacious capsule closed on all 3 sides and a curtain in the front.

The 2nd day I was joined by my friend and thus we shifted into a double private room which was super cosy and comfortable.The room had a bunk bed and we had it all to ourselves .A well lit ,spacious room which could accommodate our huge luggage as well.Adeqaute charging point and bed side lanterns.

FullSizeRender 12.jpg
The waiting area and reception at the hostel.

They also have a kitchen and a common room where one can meet and interact with people from all over the world with an amazing view of Sensoji. They also provide free shampoo and body wash and the toilet are spick and span at any point of the day or night.Also provide unlimited supply of free tea and coffee(my favourite feature).

The best part about this hostel was the walk from the subway to the hostel past Sensoji. We used to pass by it twice a day and at night is when the temple eludes peace.The night walks are the most cherished and memorable moments from my trip to Tokyo.


From this day I actually began my journey through the different localities and exploration of Tokyo.My first day I thoroughly discovered the area around Sensoji Temple.


Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and around 30 million visitors from throughout Japan and abroad visit the temple every year.

Located in Asakusa, the temple is right at the end of the famous commercial shopping street called Nakamise Dori. Sensoji Temple is approached from the massive, red Kaminarimon (“Thunder and Lightning Gate”), the famous outermost gate of Sensoji Temple, and the Asakusa district’s most famous landmark. Kaminarimon dates from the 10th century, built about 300 years after the temple was established. Free admission to the temple and shrine grounds, which are open 24 hours a day.

Night time view of Sensoji.Walked past it every night and gazed at this marvel.
The lanterns at Sensoji. The lanterns in Japan almost seem auspicious.

My favorite part about Tokyo was the walk to my hostel through Sensoji at day or night.Day time the streets are bustling with hoards of tourists in and around Sensoji and Nakamise dori. Best place to try traditional Japanese street food and during the night the bustling scenario transforms into a serene ,peaceful sight with hardly few people strolling around. This is indeed the best time to admire the structural beauty of Sensoji.


FullSizeRender 13

It’s a 250 meter (800 foot) shopping street that leads to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest and most visited temple.This is the place to be for all tourists to get the flavour of Japan in terms of authentic food or to shop the traditional Japanese souvenirs.This street has it all.There are around 90 shops on the street that sell snacks and souvenirs to the throngs of domestic and international tourists who visit the area. There has been a tourist market here since the 17th century. Many of the shops have been run by the same family for many generations. Inspite of touring this street on my 1st day ,I went here several times later because you just cant get enough at once.

Souvenir shops selling a wide range of authentic Japanese products.

From trying matcha Ice cream to Melon pans ,dumplings ,traditional Japanese Taiyaki (with green tea whipped cream) to Ramen ,just name it this street has it all.If you want to experience food coma you need to be here. This street had the best deserts I have had in Japan. Japanese people are obsessed with their deserts , they certainly have a sweet tooth.

Food Journey In Asakusa-DESERTS
FullSizeRender 10
Green Tea and Cream filling Teriyaki.
FullSizeRender 11
Delicious Melon Pans.
FullSizeRender 14
The most famous Iced Coffee.

Pork Ramen and Chicken Dumplings!Most delicious meal in the district of Asakusa!

FullSizeRender 7
Pork Ramen and Chicken Dumplings at one of the best Ramen places in Asakusa.

Stay tuned for my other endevours , journey through Tokyo and other cities of Japan.