This one was my personal favourite. I went here twice and I absolutely loved every bit of this restaurant from the wine to the food , it is an absolutely divine vineyard restaurant with stunning views. Ambience of the restaurant is very quaint and serene.Situated just an hour’s drive from Auckland, Plume, the vineyard restaurant, Matakana is a must visit destination on any Matakana wine or food journey – They are all about fabulous local New Zealand wine and produce. Plume is a small town, rural, rustic restaurant with friendly service from locally employed staff. It is a great change from the starchy fine dining service of a big city like Auckland yet is in a class of its own.Must try the Runner Duck Rose wine, its their best!

The scrumptious seafood platter!sorry for the snapchat tag!
This beautiful patisserie is nestled within this complex parametric laser cut skin drawing in a lot of natural light.

Milse is a mecca for dessert devotees.A dedicated dessert restaurant serving exquisite cakes, pastries. Also Auckland’s original dessert bar and only restaurant and patisserie.This decadent dessert bar offers an intimate space for lovers of all things sweet.Apart from the crazy deserts , the place itself is unique in its architecture and interiors. It blew me off. Milse has a cave-like intensity within the quiet complexity of its delicate parametric laser cut wooden surface.It has light fixtures within this complex skin which covers the entire cafe.The cafe itself is a sight to look at.Must try The Macroons!


“Be as hot on the inside as you are on the outside,look sharp,get Tank’d.

Variety of salads at the Tank salad bar!

Yes that is their tag line!Tank salad and juice bar is a food chain at almost every mall.I really wish there was something as healthy and delicious as this available  in India or Hyderabad.If only salads were so delicious I could eat this for all 3 meals.Treat yourself to an overflowing salad or wrap lush with every colour of the rainbow.Enjoy goodies you just wont see at other places such as baby beets, anti-oxidant packed quinoa ,crispy golden noodles. roasted vegetables,pumpkin seeds.fresh herbs and so much more.You can also change your order and make it how you want although their recipes are pretty good by themselves.Must try their juices as well.Everything on their menu is a must try!


I have to admit I was not a big fan of Thai food until I ate here and my love for flavour some fresh Thai cuisine blossomed.So most of the times we have had take away from Spices Thai and loved it every single time.The best Thai food I have had probably anywhere.This restaurant is very famous with the locals and very rarely will you hear bad reviews about Spices Thai.Must try the Obvious Green and Yellow curry and the Money bags.

Delicious hot brownie with crembrule ice cream was our hot favourite during our last trip!

Mövenpick New Zealand has five boutique stores in Auckland,Mission Bay one being my favourite.  Each store offers a range of delectable ice cream flavours, milkshakes, smoothies, desserts, coffee and Take Home Packs of selected flavours. Most favourite ice creams after the gelatos in Barcelona and Italy.They have the most delicious, buttery waffles cones which you could eat just by itself. Favourite ice cream flavour is Crembrulle. There is always a line to get ice cream so you know it’s good!

There are no dearth of restaurants in any city ,these were my top picks.I would also recommend “THE FISH” , at the Hilton for a fine dining experience and a stunning view of the the city and the port and  the restaurant at Sky Tower.Both are expensive and you need reservations but worth a try.