The brightly painted facades of the house along the river Onyar are the symbol of the city and a sight to look out for!

One of the first cities to work its charm and magic on me. Girona , often referred to as the brother of Barcelona makes a delicious distraction for a day or two from the diverse , bustling nightlife and dining scene of Barcelona.Know for its medieval architecture, walled old quarters and the roman remains of the Forca Vella fortress.Also the brightly painted facades of the houses along the river Onyar are a symbol of the city ,the colours give  such life to the city.Wind your way through the narrow streets of the city, beautiful Jewish quarter soaking of hundreds of years of history with each step.The banks of the river offer boutique shopping and countless restaurants , patisserie. Must have the churros this place has to offer.For breathtaking views walk along the old walls of Girona. Just a few hours away from Barcelona by train or bus this city stands perfectly well on its own merits.

Spectacular sunset and breathtaking overview of Girona from the old walls of Girona.
Walk along the narrow cobbled streets of the city.


An overview of the picturesque city of Toledo!

Also a UNESCO world heritage site.Toledo was the most beautiful looking city with the most stunning views. Magnificent old stone buildings and quite cobblestone streets whisper the legacy of the past. Also knows as the city of 3 cultures. Wander the narrow cobbled lanes , relax in a quite courtyard and visit the artisans shop tucked away in the alleys.Must sit on the tram ride through the entire town, they take you to sights with the most splendid view of this beautiful city.

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People gazing from the balconies to watch the Bull Run!

The sole purpose of visiting Pampolona was to watch the Bull run.We were fortunate that the San Fermin festival was coinciding with our trip. Bull run is Pampolona’s main annual extravaganza from July 6th-14th.Each morning , bulls are forced to run a km down the streets of the town chased by cheering participants and spectators. To watch this madness and horror unravel you to need to book a balcony a month or two prior to the festival. Most of the houses on the streets rent out their balconies to tourists to watch the Bull run.


The festival of San Fermin , apart from the bull run is a sight one wouldn’t want to miss.There are food stalls, concerts happening all over the town.People are drunk out of their minds , enjoying and dancing on the streets.The entire town is littered with beer cans n bottles and everyone is in this festive spirit which will definitely rub onto you.

The infectious festival of San Fermin and the best giant wheel ride ever!
The stunning port of Ibiza!

As everyone knows Ibiza is the party hub of the world, the cream of European Dj’s make the island the holy ground for clubbers.Party through the night and laze around the day on this sun kissed island.It is indeed an island that never sleeps. A visit to the white sand beaches of Formentra is a must- by far the most beautiful beach I have ever been to.Soak up the suns rays and listen to the warm Mediterranean waves softly lapping the islands shore.Sunset at Cafe Del Mar is another mandatory activity.

White sand beaches and pristine blue water of Formentra!

The party scene in Ibiza is something else ,all inhibitions have been thrown aside .It is wild probably beyond words.From the parades on the street to the in club amusement,everything will leave you bewildered.Each club in this town is unique and exclusive in its own way.Trip to the music,amazing laser sharp lights and if you are lucky that your trip coincides with one of the popular Djs your trip is totally worth it.Even though every club is brilliant,AMNESIA is a club to look out for apart from the others.You definitely need to visit Ibiza to experience what this crazy ,wild island has to offer.Words don’t do justice.

Party scene in Ibiza ,trip to the laser sharp lights.
Magnificent view of Barcelona against the sunset sky.

Last but not the least Barcelona, as I have already mentioned Barcelona was home for a year as I did my Masters in Architecture in this beautiful city.Let yourself be captivated by a city where design is everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.A street lamp, a café, a park bench, an illuminated poster …The fact is, Barcelona is a city that loves, lives and breathes design.

There are numerous reasons to visit Barcelona, the most famous being the architecture,food/gastronomy,nightlife.

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Antoni Gaudi, the renowned Spanish architect is single handedly responsible for setting the Barcelona landscape apart from any other city in the world. The art and science behind his whimsical modernism is reason enough to visit Barcelona. Take a night tour of La Padrera, photograph the iconic balconies of the Casa Batlló, stroll around his former residence at the Parc Guell, and finally feast your eyes on his masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia.If Gaudi doesn’t blow you away, walk through the fascinating Gothic Quarter and El Born for a taste of other styles that give Barcelona its unique character.

First few days, exploring and walking the streets of La Rambla and El Raval.

Barcelona has an impressive nightlife and many say that the city never sleeps. It’s almost impossible to find closed bar or club during the night. The fashionable districts are El Born, the Old Town and Port Olímpico, close to the beach.

Seafood pasta, a delight and a hearty meal along the beach!

The Catalan cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet with a lot of vegetable, bread, cereals and olive oil. You find everything here, from seafood to fresh fruit, also many food markets and great restaurants with typical Catalan cuisine. The famous dishes are called ´tapas´, small portions of different type of food, which you should not miss!If you haven’t read my blog on my favouite places for nomming in Barcelona ,find the link below:

I could go on and on about Barcelona, it is indeed one of the most beautiful city,full of life.It is often said that appreciate what u have, before it turns into what you had!I wish I did make more of my time in Spain.I miss you!

Spain will definitely leave you captivated.What does the pulse of Spain feel like? Hurried, alive, and throbbing in your chest like a flamenco dance.