Spain is a country which resembles no other country.It has its own characteristics and features.It is diverse in every possible way. I often felt while traveling in Europe cities tend to look similar , repetitive and after a point everything looks the same but Spain is so vast , varied and complex . Every city in Spain has something new to offer. It is culturally , architecturally so rich that it has something for all tastes and ages.You will never get bored.Another trait I absolutely love about Spain are the people who just need a reason to celebrate.Life is a fiesta and everyone seems to be invited.They are always in high spirits and have this innate willingness to live life to the fullest. Barcelona or Pamplona or any other city is a sight to the eyes during one of their many festivals.It will lift the spirits of the most dullest person.As we all know how people in Europe worship football just the way we worship cricket. They are absolute fanatics, whether you watch football or not, understand the game or not you have to watch a match at Camp Nou to experience the emotions attached with this game.

This is a country with music and dance in its soul and their love for food and wine is  unconditional.Not to forget Spain has also created such rebellious and creative spirits such as Salvador Dali , Pablo Picasso , Antoni Gaudi and many more.

Spain’s Costa Brava (literally, “rugged coast”) certainly enjoys a beautiful and dramatic landscape, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye.
The town of Cadaques-also knows as “The pearl of Costa Brava” by the Catalans.

Is considered as the artists capital of Spain and is also known as a meeting point for artists, intellectuals and free spirits.Its azure blue waters and piercing sunlight famously drew painters to this town.It is indeed on of the most beautiful and unspoilt villages on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.That is because it is relatively protected from mass tourism by a long, winding road through the mountains of Cap de Creus. With its labyrinth of cobblestone streets and its white chalked houses. The village, reminds many travelers of Ibiza’s picturesque villages.

Must visit Casa-Museo Salvador Dalí.Note that if you plan on visiting the museum, you must always make reservations. Groups of up to eight visitors enter the museum at ten-minute intervals, and are guided through the labyrinthine structures.For people who have the slightest interest in art,surrealism or Dali himself this is a must visit.The house adds insight into Dali the person,how he lived and worked.The house offers the most stunning views ,any artist would be inspired to paint wonders with that view as the backdrop.

View from the terrace of Dali house.
Andalucia, Spain, is located in the southern Iberian peninsula. The vast area consists of eight provinces. Among them are Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, and Seville.
Mesmerizing view of Granada from Alhambra!

Also known as the land of thousand castles. Granada is knows for the world famous sprawling , hilltop fortress complex , Alhambra dating back to the medieval Moorish architecture.Alhambra’s allure and grandeur is hard to ignore. Make sure to book your ticket to Alhambra prior to your trip.It is always filled with innumerable tourists.Also wander through the Granada’s fascinating Moorish old quarters.Granada is like the  Jaisalmer of Spain. The city is full of winding cobblestone streets, varied architecture with breathtaking view of the Sierra Nevada mountains, offering the perfect backdrop from every vista.

Splendid view of Alhambra fort and palace.
A hearty meal of Tapas at the Moorish old quarters.

Seville is a city of contrasts ,historical and modern.It is unique by the day and magical by night.It’s a contagiously romantic city whose  ambiance pervades Seville’s winding streets and spills out of the bars and tapas parlors.

The passionate, intense and soul touching performance of Flamenco.

Must watch the Flamenco dance in Seville.Flamenco is rooted here.It is a staple of Spain’s vibrant culture and one of the most beautiful and evocative traditions that can be observed throughout the region of Andalusia, particularly in Seville.The Flamenco dance will touch something deep in your soul.They say language has no bounds, which holds true for this particular breathtakingly passionate and intense dance form.You will be transferred to another world.The whirling Dervishes(Turkey) and Flamenco dance are two experiences I treasure the most.

Skydiving in Seville-the ultimate adrenaline rush!

After watching the Bollywood movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara , my friends and I were determined to skydive in Seville. We went through skydive Spain which is just km southwest of Seville.We did the tandem skydiving at 15,000 ft(4,500 meters).As you start ascending upwards for your free-fall, your heart in in your mouth and you go through a whirlwind of emotions.But before you realize what just happened you are gliding through the beautiful Andalucian valley.It lasts for lesser than the time u wished it did but is a great adrenaline rush.Well i could only do this once in my life I guess but there are people diving 3-4 times a day and God be with them.I would be lying if I say its not scary but it should be on everyone bucket list.

The Metropol Parasol-modern icon located in the center of the city.

Seville has a lot to offer to tourists.Yet, one of the most remarkable things about modern Seville is its ability to adapt and etch fresh new brushstrokes onto an ancient canvas.

The cobbled stone and alley thin streets of Cordoba- a characteristic feature of most of the cities of Spain.

Cordoba lies in the heart of Andalucia. It is a city which has not lost its soul to modernity and mass tourism.It feels like a living, breathing movie set.One of the greatest cities of the medieval world.All attractions are accessible on foot and it is a joy to wander among the squares of the old town,the alley thin streets of the Jewish quarters.

Most of the houses and restaurants in Cordoba have a central courtyard.

Must visit the LA MEZQUITA which is the focal point of the city and Cordoba’s great glory.One of Spain’s most visited attractions and foremost example of Islamic architecture.Within Spain it is considered a national treasure.La Mezquita was essentially a mosque now converted into a catholic church. It consists of forest of red and white stripped arches which seem to stretch to infinity .Cordoba is also home to a castle the Alcazar , wander down the soft gravel path through rows of palm trees and clusters of orange and lemon trees dripping with fruit.

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Mountain top city of Rhonda with Serranian De mountain range as the backdrop.

Rhonda is a mountaintop city ,set dramatically above a deep gorge.This gorge separates the old town from the new town.The city itself maintains a small town vibe with quite sunset stricken cobblestone streets and bustling boutiques during the day.Rhonda like many other cities in Spain offers the most beautiful,romantic sunset drop behind the Serranian De Rhonda mountain range.Must visit the bridge Puento Nuevo which is the focal point of the town.It is the most photographed bridge in Spain, people visit Rhonda just to see this marvelous masterpiece of architecture and human engineering.Hike to the bottom of the gorge for great perspective of scale and the best pictures.Don’t be afraid to hike outside the walls,it offers 360 degree of breathtaking landscapes.

The Puento Nuevo Bridge -view from the gorge at the bottom.

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