dsc00908Barcelona was home for a year as I did my masters in architecture in this beautiful city.Walking around narrow, twisting streets , sudden, unexpected little squares and exploring the city has been one of the best experiences of my life ,one that I would never forget.It was probably my favorite thing to do during my free time or on a Sunday evening.Walking around the streets made me explore  few of my favorite eateries in Barcelona , one I would recommend to everyone who ever visits.Again there is no dearth of cafes and restaurants in Barcelona, these are just my personal favourites. Also Barcelona is known for its seafood but I am not a big fan of seafood, so my friends and I were in constant search of places where we could find good vegetarian food or anything different from the normal paella.This list is a combination of restaurants,bakeries,patisserie and probably few coffee shops.

The famous “XABINA” chocolate cake which has not only won an award for the best chocolate cake but also the heart of many people.

This place tops my list , I feel very unfortunate that I had discovered Bubo only  during my last few days in Barcelona and hence I couldn’t visit this place often but you will be in food coma after eating here.Fist of all,you will be spoilt for choice here ,everything looks so good and tempting ,you want to have it all.The deserts are displayed like jewels in beautiful packaging.The chocolate dessert we had here was the best I have had in my life.We had  Xabina chocolate cake, which was named the Best Chocolate Cake in the World in 2005 and it was just out of the world.My friend Nikita Singh with whom I had gone here for the first time had said that her “MIND WENT INTO A CHOCOLATE HAZE AND NEVER WANTED TO COME OUT OF IT.”This patisserie is a little difficult to find, its tucked away in the square right outside the basilica Santa Maria.The location is beautiful and you’d often find live bands playing in the vicinity.My first time I remember walking through entire El Born  looking for this place , hell bent on finding this gem.

To excited to try the chocolate cake that literally blew our minds!
Wok To Walk offers seating in a narrow alley along the length of the eatery.

I think you can find this particular food joint all over Europe.It is super affordable,yummy,healthy , good option for vegetarians and quick.This place always has waiting ,especially during the weekend.It has quite a few branches ,my favourite is the one at La Rambla. What makes them so great are their stir-fry, made with fresh ingredients in an open kitchen where the masters of the wok play with fire to cook up your made-to-order dish. The result is a crunchy, healthy meal bursting with flavours. As you step up to the counter, first you order your base of either noodles or rice, and then you choose as many as you like from among the 10-15 ingredients (including fresh vegetables, chicken, tofu, prawns, etc.) and a special sauce.

Being a perfect host and a guide to my friends visiting from India!One of their favourite meals beside paella and tapas of course.

Maoz is a pita and falafel chain with a salad bar that you won’t believe. Once you’ve got your pita, it’s up to you to serve your own salad. You can jam pack your pita bread with as much salad as you like including tahini, spicy sauces, couscous, pickles, olives, coleslaw, peppers, and more.You will be so tempted by the wide spread of salads and sauces that by the end you are going to have a falafel stuffed with everything possible and practically impossible to eat.This is by far  the best falafel I have ever had and it is very filling ,affordable and a good option for vegetarians as well as vegans.This was another one of our regular food joints where my friend and I would often dig in.

Entrance of Amorino at La Rambla!

Amorino is a beautiful gelato ice cream cafe on La Rambla .It boosts off a wide range of flavours .The specialty of this place is that the workers masterfully shape the gelato into a rose which is a talent in itself.You can sample the ice cream and choose a different flavour for each petal, in total u can choose seven flavours to complete your rose.Its like customizing your won gelato ice cream.Highly recommended again.You cannot leave this place not wanting to come here again the next day.Although I have tried quite a few places in Barcelona for gelato including several gelato cafe’s on the central walkway of  La Rambla this one is my favorite spot on La Rambla for a refreshing gelato cone!

My friends digging their Amorino Gelato’s!Notice the rose shaped gelato!

Bubble tea is something I had never tried before my friend discovered this place and took us all, I thank her till date.Even if you are not a tea lover , you will surely go bonkers over this one.Bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapoica balls  or fruit jellies are often added.There are many varieties of the drink with a wide range of ingredients.Bubble tea is provided with a fat straw so that the tapoica balls can be sucked up with the drink and eaten.When the tapoica balls hit your mouth  they pop with all the flavour and its just delicious.Bubble tea also called as Boba is a very refreshing , cool drink and a must try if you haven’t had one yet.Also this drink is surely addictive and will make you reach for another one.

“Little bursts of heaven” was her first reaction on having bubble tea!My friend absolutely loved it!

This is an amazing place comparable to the popular concept a dollar store only this one is knows as the Euro bar where everything ranges from 1  to 2 euro including drinks like beer and sangria.On certain days of the weekday everything is 1 euro. Montaditos means snacks in spanish, they are basically small sandwiches with everything you can imagine inside both sweet and savoury (more or less like tapas).The sweet tapas were my favourite filled with oreo cookies and gems.This is an amazing budget friendly ,light on your pocket bar and if you are a football fanatic then make sure to go to this place on a game night, you will have insane fun.From people screaming at each other to removing their shirts you can experience it all with of course great food and drinks.Again highly recommended.100 Montadiots is located in Urquinaona, very close to the metro station of Urquinaona.

 Grand entrance of La Boqueria from La Rambla.

La Boqueria is large public market and also one of the city’s foremost tourist landmarks.The Boqueria’s grand iron entrance leads to a fully functioning world of food that throngs with both tourists and locals. The fresh fruit juices are definitely a highlight.You will find a combination of various fruit juices like strawberry and kiwi and also some of the most bizarre fruit combinations but delicious.La Boqueria also boosts a wide selection of fresh fruits ,few that I have never seen before seemingly limitless varieties of sea critters, sausages, cheeses, meats and sweets.For ham and pork lovers ,this place can be delight for you too where you could actually taste some cured ham.Often we would ditch our gelatos and head for these delicious fresh-fruit juices.

The colourful fruit market at La Boqueria!
The delicious , mouth watering fresh juices at La Boqueria.

For paella I would suggest cafes and restaurant near the beach (Barceloneta) or even on Gaudi street with the backdrop of Sagrada Familia .There are menus listing tempting tapas just about everywhere you turn in the Catalan capital. The choice can be overwhelming, and nowhere else but Barcelona boasts tapas in such variety. Barri gotic, El Raval, Barceloneta, L’ Eixample are few such areas.Food lovers visiting Barcelona are definitely in for a treat.I miss Barcelona!

Sea food Pasta by the beach near Barceloneta.
Tapas Bar in Barri Gotic.



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