La Favella -This club completely transforms at night!

If you are a party animal, this is probably the best place for you.You can party till you drop dead.You can start with the sunset and party till the sunrises.Our favourite place to party was La Favella. This place was insane, crazy, guarantied unlimited fun.La Favella has a jungle ,retro vibe to it.It has around 3-4 dance floors so you can hop from one dance floor to another if you don’t like the crowd or the vibe of one dance floor which is pretty cool.This place is open till wee hours of the morning , dance till your feet go numb.La Favella was so good that every place we went to party after this place was nothing compared to this place , every other place was an underplay.So i would suggest you can go to this place multiple times instead.LOVED THIS PLACE!!!

Sunset at Tanha Lot is one of the most famous tourist attractions at Bali.

Bali has beautiful sunsets to offer, from touristic locations like Tanha Lot,Ulluwatu to clubs and lounges like Rockbar,Potato Head and Kudeta. You don’t really need to visit any of these fancy places if you don’t wish to, just chilling by the beach on a bean bag with a beer or two is good enough to catch the beautiful sunset.The Kuta beach has a lot of shacks with live bands where one could just chill by the beach ,enjoy a meal,drink or sheesha and of course my favourite the sunset.

Sunset at Tanha lot temple.

If you haven’t read my previous blog on 3 best places to see sunsets in Bali , please find the link below.

Nasi-Goreng- typical balinese breakfast, served with a bowl of sticky rice, chicken satay ,prawn crackers and salad.

Bali has some really good and different food to offer.I had Nasi- Goreng almost everyday for breakfast. Even though you get all kinds of cuisines, their local food is a must try -Narsi Goreng, Mie- Goreng, Satay.Bali also has a lot of organic cafes , I did happen to try an oragnic ice-cream which was sugar free and it was delicious.There is no dearth of cafes or food joints in Bali , you will find amazing food.Must try is Potato Head-the drinks and apple pie was to die for at this place.

Delicious Apple pie at Potato Head.A definite try.
Apart from typical Indonesian food , I did try the Falafel and Thai curry and everything was delicious.Bali has a wide range and variety of cuisines to choose from.

Bali is an extremely chilled out place.It will remind every Indian of Goa.Bali has some amazing properties to stay, through an Airbnb you can rent out your own villa with a pool or stay in luxurious resorts by the beach.We stayed in an Airbnb villa just 10 min walk from the beach.You can chill at your own pool or by the beach or do both.Most of the resorts have infinity pools by the beach.Another great way to relax is the SPA.Bali is also known for its spa.I ended up going for Spa on two days.I went to BODY WORKS which is supposed to be one of the best in Bali and believe me it was worth it.The Hot stone massage is highly recommended.The spa will make you feel energized throughout the day and ready to party through put the night.

The Bodyworks Spa-situated very close to the Seminayak Square.

The Airbnb link to our villa

The view of our villa with the pool-a typical bali house.


From furniture to homeware to lights, you name it and its available.

Bali has an amazing market for interior decorators,architects and designers.Everywhere my eyes could go I could spot a shop selling either artwork , furniture, lighting or stone murals and homeware.Not only are visitors spoiled for choice by the variety of goods on offer, there’s also a rich array of shopping venues and styles.As an architect and a designer I was baffled , I did know Bali has a good market for furniture but little did I know that wherever I would go it would follow me.In future I would definitely make a trip solely for the purpose of this. Enough ranting about home decor and  furniture shopping , Bali is also a great place to shop otherwise for clothes ,footwear, endless surfwear,bikinis,sarongs. Basically its a great place to shop for anything and everything.

Creativity thrives in this city.You will find artists selling their stuff at every hook and corner of ever street.

There is a lot to do at Bali and it has a lot to offer.These are just some of the few things to lure you to pack your bags and visit Bali.I feel I haven’t done justice to Bali and would definitely visit Bali again and probably shop to my heart’s content the next time.

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