The view from up above of the stunning turquoise glacial lakes,golden tussock lands and braided river systems of the Mackenzie basin.

To appreciate the beauty and scale of the Mt Cook National park and the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, there is nothing better than seeing it from the air. Due to bad weather conditions we were not able to visit the Mount Cook National park and museum by foot  ,hence we decided to take the air safari as we did not want to miss the chance to see Mount cook up n close.

Seamless braided systems and deltas of the river systems.Looks almost like an artwork from up above.

The Grand Traverse flight takes approximately 50 minutes and encompasses two World Heritage National Parks in a tour amongst New Zealand’s highest mountains and largest glaciers. Air Safaris operate a large and varied aircraft fleet, which is ideally suited to flight seeing. Every passenger has a window seat, and all aircraft have “wings above” to ensure optimum viewing below. Pilots provide an informative in-flight commentary, dedicated to providing an excellent passenger experience every time.

How the land and sea merges -almost looks like a piece of art!

From the Glentanner Airport the Grand Traverse makes its way up the Tasman Valley to the Murchison Glacier. From there the flight turns slightly east to see the Godley Glacier, which feeds Lake Tekapo.


Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.

The flight then takes a turn to the west, taking in the Tasman Glacier in all its glory and then over to the West Coast where you will see the mighty Franz Josef and Fox glaciers and circle Mount Cook before returning back to the Glentanner Airport.

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park-a magical world of permanent ice and snow.

Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. Its height since 2014 is listed as 3,724 meters.

One of the snow-capped mountains behind is Mount Cook.

Air Safari is yet again one of its kind experiences , what you see from up above is something that cannot be seen from the naked eye at regular sights.The aerial views of the braided river systems and deltas are almost like an artwork ,so intricate and delicate.The view’s this country has to offer whether form an air safari or from a car ,gandola ride,luge ,as far as those sore eyes can see are out of the world.

After Mount Cook we were headed to Queenstown which was the last destination of our road trip.If u haven’t read my blogpost yet on Queenstown, below is the link to my blog.