This picture somehow feels like its right out of a Bollywood movie!



Unknown      Our actual Road trip started from Christchurch. We boarded a direct flight from Auckland to Blenheim.


train.png           We took the Coastal Pacific Train to Christchurch.The trip was lovely and the scenery varied.I just loved this part of the journey , it was so surreal.


car 2 (1)     We rented a car at the Christchurch airport and this is where the road trip  actually began and the spectacular,jaw droping scenery.

Lake Tekapo

car 2 (1)       This is where you will find the most stunning ,mind blowing views.Its hard to keep your eyes on the road.


Unknown    Drop off the car at the Queenstown airport and board a flight back to Auckalnd.


Vineyards At Blenheim.

Blenheim is the most populous town in the region of Marlborough and is located on  the north-east of the South Island of New Zealand.It is well known as the centre of New Zealand’s wine industry and is situated in the heart of wine growing Marlborough region,also one of the sunniest town of NZ.

Cycling through the vineyards and wine tasting!

It is a small town and we had discovered the entire town on a bicycle.This was probably one of the coolest experience, so you can bicycle from one winery to another and sample their wine at the same time.Its like wine on Bicycle.The entire town has a separate pathway or a road for cyclists and the concerned bicycle tours provide you with a map of different wineries and the route you can take.You can bicycle for as long as your stamina can take you or as long as you can bear the heat and the scorching sun.After a couple of wine tastings all you want to do is sit back and relax , enjoy a meal.

As sunny as it can get during the day ,the night temperatures can really fall leaving you with not many options to explore at night.Our stay at Blenheim was short , for a day but enough to explore the small town.

Place Of Accommodation- Vitner's Retreat

It is perfectly situated amongst the vines, very peaceful,private and only  15 minutes drive from the town of Blenheim. Life amongst the vines is great. Recommended 😉

Must Try Restaurants
Lunch by this beautiful view-Vines Village.
  • The Vines Village Cafe ,Wine cellar & Stores-

    This place had a beautiful view to just sit back and relax a quiet meal.The surrounding views were spectacular and the food was pretty good too.They had really good deserts and great coffee.A good break after all the cycling in the heat ,this was our last stop.

  • Raupo Cafe –

    We went here for breakfast, be prepared here to wait.But believe me its worth it.The food was delicious.Not only the food tasted great but it looked great too.

Breakfast at Raupo Cafe-Bagel
  • Makana Chocolate Boutique-

    Heavenly is the only word that comes to my mind.If you are a chocolate lover this place will blow your mind and you can try or sample chocolates like never before( atlas I never did).Be prepared to shell out a lot of cash at this place because you are surely picking up souvenirs and chocolates for everyone back home and they will bless you for life.My favorite was macadamia toffee crunch.This place is more like a chocolate factory where you can also see the chef’s make chocolate and fresh caramel popcorn and a lot more.

Inside the chocolate factory-its a pleasure to watch them whip up some recipes real quick!
Right outside the Makana Chocolate Boutique-the view is very picturesque and beautiful.

Blenheim was beautiful and a must visit. A good start to our trip and a peaceful getaway for poeple residing in New Zealand and also for wine lovers.