Paro valley
  1. Land Of Digital Detox!

    Bhutan offers uninterrupted peace of mind from all kinds of technology.The country is the epitome of traditional simplicity. (Bhutan only lifted its ban on television and the Internet in 1999.)All you’ve got to do is stare at the lush green mountains and panoramic views off the cobalt blue skies and dream away.


  2. Breathtaking Panoramic Views

Bhutan offers amazing  breathtaking 360 degree views any season, be it the vibrant rice  paddy fields, luscious green mountains, cliff side monasteries  or the unrelenting smiles of the people of Bhutan.Every city or town has its own charm and beauty and you can enjoy the view from everywhere.

Emma Datshi, Momos and Thupka
Must Try Their Local Food Emma Datshi & Peach Wine  

Their local food is something like i have never tasted before especially Emma Datshi.It is their local ,most famous dish which is green chillies in cheesy sauce.Also try the momos, thupkas and chilly garlic noodles( veg and non veg).Another favorite was Peach wine  which is their local wine , sweet and delicious .You won’t stop at one glass, probably one bottle!

Tiger’s Nest
Hike upto Tiger's Nest 

Bhutan offers a lot of hiking trails, Tiger’s Nest being one of them and probably the most difficult. Perched on the edge of a cliff(10,240 ft over part valley), it requires a precarious walk across jagged rock steps for access.It takes about 5-6  hours to complete the trek( to and fro to the monastery).It is considered to be the holiest site of Bhutan.The view from the Tiger’s Nest and Tiger’s Nest itself is spectacular, you have to hike up to believe it.One of the most difficult climbs of my life but a must do!

Thump Dzong
The Architecture

Being an Architect myself it would not be fair to not give credit to the traditional Bhutanese structures  that preside over the vast green landscapes. Their bright white exteriors provide the perfect contrast for the dozens of monks shrouded in red garments and the rainbow of prayer flags that flutter throughout the sky. Hand carved wood texture lends the buildings extra charm.